This page shows you all the thresholds, alerts and actions that Shark’s Head monitors and reacts to in real-time.

Bus voltageHQ11.0 VVariableAlarmNo
HQ11.5 VVariableRedNo
HQ12.0 VVariableAmberNo
BC9.5 VImmediateRelay openYes
BC16.0 VImmediateRelay openYes
DC9.5 VImmediateBreaker tripYes
DC16.0 VImmediateBreaker tripYes
Current, total storage dischargeHQUser-settableUser-settableAmberNo
CurrentBC M280 A100 msRelay openYes
BC M260 A10 secondsRelay openYes
DC15 A2 secondsBreaker tripYes
DC20 AUser-selectableBreaker tripYes
Temperature, enclosureBC100 °CImmediateRelay openYes
DC100 °CImmediateBreaker tripYes
Barometric pressureHQ6 hPa change3 hoursRedNo
HQ3 hPa change3 hoursAmberNo
AA battery packTPH5 %ImmediateRedNo
TPH15 %ImmediateAmberNo

Cond. – Condition. This indicates whether the threshold is low or high activated.

Time – Indicates how long the threshold must be continuously breached before the action is taken. The barometric pressure threshold has, instead, a time window, where any change over the threshold occurring any time within the window will cause the action to be taken.

Action – Alarm, Red and Amber raise an alert at that level. Relay open and Breaker trip remove the device from the bus.

M.O. – Manual override. Every action that could change the state of the bus or a device attached to the bus, such as opening a relay or tripping a breaker, has a manual override option. Enabling manual override on a relay or breaker will stop the action from being performed.