Both Heinz and I, Graeme, would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to you for being a beta tester for our Shark’s Head product. We appreciate you taking the time and effort to try out SharksHead and would love to hear all your feedback via email. No question too silly, no criticism too harsh, and all suggestions welcome.

The following pages will take you through what you’ve received, how to get it going and how to operate it.

SharksHead consists of a number of grey plastic boxes that we call modules. They perform specific tasks, like measuring the voltage and current in and out of the battery this particular box is connected to. At this stage, the available modules are:

  1. The programmer module
  2. The environmentals module
  3. The consumer controller
  4. The battery controller and
  5. The headquarters

Since the system has been designed as separate modules, we will add more modules with new functionality in the future, based on your feedback and requirements.

Details about the modules are on this page.

Detailed instructions on installing SharksHead are here.