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The full kit is ideal to cover all the features Shark’s Head can offer today: a fully featured weather station, an explosive gas sensor and a device controller.

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The kit allows you to monitor atmospheric conditions like a fully featured weather station as well as setting off an alarm if dangerous levels of explosive gases like propane, butane or alcohol are detected.

The device controller (DC) can turn producers like solar chargers on and off but also consumers like fans, lights or radios.

The kit contains:

  • 1 x HQ (Headquarters)
  • 1 x TPH sensor (Temperature, pressure and humidity sensor)
  • 1 x EG sensor (Explosive gases sensor)
  • 1 x DC device controller

This setup can be extended at any time with additional modules from our expanding range. You can also add many more TPH or EG modules in different locations as needed. Just add additional sensors to the shopping cart, we’ll make sure the lot comes preconfigured and ready to go.

The kit provides a complete and fully functional environment that can be accessed over WIFI while your’re on board. Sharkshead provides its own WIFI access point or can be configured to use an existing router.


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