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The starter kit contains all the functions we offer.

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The starter kit is ideal to cover the different features SharksHead can offer.

The kit allows you to monitor and manage two 12V batteries of any chemistry, control two devices, either energy consumers or energy producers, monitor atmospheric conditions and you can easily update all these modules with the included programmer box.

The starter kit contains:

  • 1 x HQ (Headquarters)
  • 2 x BC (Battery controller)
  • 2 x DC (Device controller)
  • 1 x TPH (Temperature, pressure and humidity sensor)
  • 1 x PG (Programmer)

This setup can be extended at any time, e.g. with additional BCs for more batteries. It provides a complete and fully functional environment that can be accessed over WIFI while your’re on board. Sharkshead provides its own WIFI access point or can be configured to use an existing router.