This series of pages will take you through the SharksHead web interface. As it stands today the web interface is both a high-level view of SharksHead functionality and a deep, behind-the-scenes peak into its inner workings.

Important site features:

  • Status panel displayed on every page, updated in real-time
  • Customisable dashboard, updated in real-time
  • Switch and relay controls
  • Historical graphs of voltage, current, barometric pressure, etc
  • Alarm conditions, updated in real-time
  • Module location and network troubleshooting
  • Summary pages showing multiple devices, updated in real-time
  • Change timezone and WiFi settings
  • Over-the-air module upgrades with real-time progress display
  • Both high- and low-level configuration options
  • Read-only mode or full administrator access
  • Language support

We’ll start with the top of the page.

The top of the page lists the nine major pages, starting from the left with Dashboard and ending with Setup. The right-hand end of this line shows I’m logged in as Administrator with Profile and Logout links. If you’re not logged in as Administrator, as when you visit the web site for the first time, it will show Read-only and a Login link.

The second line is the mini status panel. It shows various values on the left and observations about some modules on the right. The status panel has its own section below.

Below the mini status panel is the traffic light on the left and a grey area on the right. The traffic light (I know, it has four lights) is one way SharksHead alerts you to issues it has detected. This is discussed in the status panel section below because it really is part of the status panel. The grey area shows the page you’ve selected and is where most of your interactions will occur.

In the following pages it is assumed you’re logged in as Administrator. If you’re not then the pages will look a little different. As Read-only you have full access to the site except you won’t be given buttons or menu items etc that will cause any configuration or state change to either the HQ or any of the modules. You are not prevented from seeing anything, but you are prevented from changing anything other than browser cookie-based options.