The Setup page is where you chose some basic configuration options for your browser, and set the timezone and WiFi configuration for the HQ.

The Setup-General page looks like this:

At the very top is the language the web site will show. At the time of writing only the UK and US English and German languages are complete, the others are only partially complete so you’ll see lots of UK English when you choser those languages.

Below that you chose your number format, units, air pressure units and status panel style.

All these options are stored in your browser’s cookie, so if you access the site from different browsers, or different devices, you’ll need to set these optional again.

The status panel shown in the image above is the mini panel. Here’s the full panel, which is explained in more detail on the next page:

The Setup-Timezone page is where you set the HQ’s timezone. By default the timezone is set to Australia/Sydney, so to change it you go to this page and select your geographic location. Then another drop-down menu will appear where you select the position within that location. And sometime a third pull-down will appear. Once you’ve gone as low as you can go you’ll see something like this page:

This shows you what the timezone is currently set to and what it will be changed to if you hit the commit button. Hit the button and your browser will lose connection to the web site. Wait a couple of seconds and reload the page and you’ll be back looking at your new timezone.

The Setup-WiFi page is where you configure the HQ so it connects to an existing WiFi Access Point. This is only done when you’ve freshly installed the HQ and used its Access Point (enclosure switch set to AP) for initial configuration.

Select your WiFi from the list, or type the SSID in if it is hidden, enter the password, and hit OK. Then set the enclosure switch to the CLI position, wait a minute or so, then see if the HQ has appeared on your WiFi network. If it has then you can continue to access the HQ from there (and you will need to set the Setup-General settings again), but if it hasn’t then you need to move the switch back to AP, wait a bit, then connect to the SharksHead SSID and head back to this page to check the settings.