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Seit dem 24 Juni 2018 wird der Consumer Controller (CC) als Device Controller (DC) bezeichnet, da er sowohl Produzenten als auch Konsumenten verwalten kann.

Neueste Version

HQ Model 22.582024042400.shu

HowTo Upgrade module firmware

Ältere Versionen

HQ Model 2

0.572019050900.shuSupport for State of Charge tracking on LiFePO4 batteries, plus other improvements. For details on enabling State of Charge tracking, see HowTo Enable State of Charge tracking.
0.562019040300.shuGeneral maintenance release with fixes and improvements including but not limited to State of Charge tracking, graph alignments and labels and module reboot detection. Initial support for the soon to be released BC Model 3.
0.552019021400.shuSupport for tracking state of charge on lead-acid batteries. See HowTo Enable State of Charge tracking for details. Also fixes the display of battery temperature graphs on the Storage Then page.
0.542019020600.shuAdds time to the mini status panel, battery temperature graphs to the Storage Then page, sensible y-axis labels on 1 month or longer graphs plus fixes for erratic HQ led flashing and the inability to set the time or timezone.
0.532019011900.shuGraph updates which highlight different days or months with an alternating background, align x-axis labels to the nearest whole period, show value popups when hovering over the graph's line, add graph animation, and add new 7- and 14-day real-time data graphs. HQ's time can now be set when it is wrong, e.g, when it drifts.
0.522018122800.shuSupport for the BC 1.0 update plus restores correct violet-dot behaviour when upgrading HQ.
0.512018120200.shuDramatically reduced data sent through the real-time stream, which improves browser responsiveness and reduces network traffic.
Please note, upgrading to this version from any previous version will not remove the violet-dot when the upgrade has completed. Wait 2 minutes after hitting the upgrade button then visit any page to clear the violet-dot.
0.462018110700.shuRedesigned Storage, Consumers and Producers pages showing Now (realtime data) and Then (historical data), plus web speed improvements.
0.432018101600.shuAuto scale option on all voltage graphs. Fix for incorrect handling of manually entered WiFi SSID, plus fix for javascript error in some overlay graphs.
0.422018100100.shuAbility to compare modules using overlay graphs on the Storage, Consumers and Producers pages, and a fix for an issue where HQ stops processing data from modules.
0.372018091102.shuImproved performance, increased module network reliability and longer data retention.
0.362018082001.shuFurther BC and DC threshold alerting functionality additions.
0.352018081002.shuUser-settable DC breaker threshold. Extensive alerting for BC and DC modules. TPH Model 2 support.
0.332018071002.shuUser-selectable DC breaker fuse speed, module notes, battery details, user-settable storage discharge current alert.
0.292018062401.shuSupport for new DC output modes. Programmer improvements.
0.282018052701.shuSupport attaching a CC to a power source (producer).
0.272018051800.shuImproved network communications with low power modules.
0.262018042400.shuModified CC gauges and fixes to the SHU upload process.
0.232018041301.shuAdds Dashboard templates.
0.222018033001.shuAdds real-time graphs of bus voltage and air pressure to the Dashboard.
0.212018032703.shuImproves the enrolment process, fixes debug log download, adds alert level to the browser's title.
0.192018032500.shuFixes the display of semi-circular gauges on the Dashboard.
0.182018032400.shuFixes the display of semi-circular gauges on the Dashboard.
0.172018032202.shuBetter handling of stale data. Updated Dashboard temperature and pressure gauges.

BC Model 1

1.02018122600.shuAdd a time delay before triggering the voltage high and low cutoffs.
0.142018081100.shuAdd high battery temperature threshold.
0.132018061501.shuMinor improvement to power consumption.
0.122018051801.shuImproved network communications with low power modules.
0.112018042800.shuFurther radio network improvements.
0.102018042402.shuRadio network improvements.
0.92018041900.shuSupport for higher-current BC hardware.
0.82018040600.shuSupport for higher-current BC hardware.

DC Model 1 (formerly CC)

1.12018081101.shuHandle voltage, current and temperature thresholds consistent with the BC.
1.02018062402.shuDimmer switch, constant current and constant power output options.
0.112018051802.shuImproved network communications with low power modules.
0.102018042801.shuFurther radio network improvements.
0.92018042403.shuRadio network improvements.
0.82018031400.shuFixes when a power outage renders the module inoperable (2 amber flashes constantly.) Will fix a module already in this state.

TPH Model 1

1.72018061500.shuFixes issue where module does not enter low-power mode.
1.62018051803.shuStability improvements.
1.52018042802.shuFurther radio network improvements.
1.42018042404.shuRadio network improvements.