In 2013 we began developing a wireless boat management system, consisting of a central controller and separate modules, that together monitor and manage all manner of systems on a typical boat (or RV/motorhome), all of which is viewed and operated from any web browser on a wifi-enabled phone, tablet or other computing device rather than requiring yet another display to clutter the boat’s dashboard.

Due to the long-term commitment of our founders, SharksHead was able to accumulate a wealth of intellectual property (“IP”) covering this low-cost, wireless, and extendable infrastructure.

What does that really mean?

  • low-cost: we strive to supply an affordable system
  • wireless: this allows the installation of a SharksHead system across a vessel of almost any size. Our IP provides the basis for wireless modules that don’t need to be able to contact the central component (known as the headquarter, or HQ) directly: they can automatically and dynamically forward information from module to module until it it reaches the HQ. This allows a simple installation to any new or existing vessel
  • extendable: we’re commited to adding new features to SharksHead as the market requires. Starting with a sophisticated weather station and a gas sensor for the safety of the occupants, later modules will allow monitoring and controlling literally any aspect of the vessel, like turning on consumers like lights or fans or monitoring and controlling the engine(s)


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