Shark’s Head press release, February 2022. 

On a more personal note, our smart bilge sensor has been most valuable to us recently when the dripless shaft seal on our test vessel started to leak heavily after not having been used for about a year. A temporary fix was applied but even then we felt much better leaving the boat for the night whilst knowing that we would get an alarm if things go south again. In the meantime, it’s also reassuring to be able to check the pump counter remotely once or twice a day even when there is no alarm triggered.

Furthermore, we want to reiterate that the smart bilge sensor can be used in other areas as well, as in picking up high liquid levels in grey water tanks, fresh water tanks or just the bait tank. 

Note that even though it runs only on 12V it is not recommended for flammable liquids like diesel or petrol. 

Apart from that limitation, we believe it would be most useful to avoid spillage or overflow of the sewage tank. Those sort of “accidents” are amongst the least favourite ones many boat owners have to face sooner or later. Let’s make such memories a thing of the past!