Shark’s Head press release, January 2022. 

With great regret we read about the former Manly ferry “Baragoola” sinking in Sydney harbour a few days ago. Could this disaster have been prevented? 

Consider a smart bilge sensor that does not only count how often and how long the pump(s) are running, but also contains an alerting system that can send out SMS and emails to alert relevant personnel that the pump is kicking in more often than usual:

For a boat that was about to celebrate her 100’s birthday this year, it would be no surprise to have the bilge pump(s) kicking in every few minutes. In such cases (as it is with all older boats, in particular wooden boats) a smart sensor is needed that can trigger if the number of bilge pump activations are above a user-settable threshold. In such an event, an alert needs to be sent out immediately via the phone network and the Internet.  

What other features would you expect from such a “smart” device? It should also allow the user to check the battery voltage remotely and send out a similar alert if it gets too low. Ultimately, a bilge pump won’t do any good if the batteries are flat. In some cases, the time the bilge runs for can also reveal a problem: if it runs much longer than usual there is either more water coming in or the pump might be clogged. In both cases, the owner needs to know about that straight away! 

But who has such a “fancy” system on his boat? Now, you can install one just like this in your boat with very little effort or expenses involved.

Our smart bilge sensor is not interfering or replacing with your existing bilge pump installation, but provides another level of safety for your vessel and peace of mind for you! You can install up to 200 bilge pump or other sensors if you want and they all send their data to a central box located on your vessel.

This central server contains two radios that can be used license-free world-wide: one to talk to the sensors and one WIFI interface for the graphical web-based user interface. It also hosts the database which allows easy analysis of years of sensor data. The fast web interface eliminates the need for installing and then updating a separate app.

On top of that, if you add a wireless Internet modem (from 2G up to 5G or even a satellite modem) on your boat you can keep an eye on it wherever you are on land, as long as you and the boat have service.

Get this peace of mind for yourself today and receive $25 off the bilge sensor using the code “ferry” at checkout (while stocks last, T&Cs apply).