Shark’s Head press release, September 2021

New mobile web interface

Shark’s Head, the established developer of microcontroller solutions and Australian manufacturer of marine electronics equipment, is now offering a mobile-centric web interface to quickly and easily check the status of the different SharksHead modules on board.

“A fast and easy to use mobile interface for smartphones and tablets has been on our To Do list for some time now” states Graeme Elsworthy, head developer of SharksHead in Sydney. 

“Within a few weeks our team of developers from Germany and Australia were able to develop a fast and mobile web interface which eliminates the need for installing and then updating a separate app. Just point your web browser to your central server on board.” 

This central server provides the WIFI interface for the graphical web-based user interface. It also hosts the database which allows easy analysis of years of sensor data. 

Furthermore, multiple devices can access the central server simultaneously and even change settings on the fly, once they have been authenticated.

This latest update complements the fully fledged web interface that’s already in use on laptops and tablets. It is meant to quickly check some vital parameters of your boat at a glance. Give it a go and let us know how you like it!