Arcsine Pty Ltd, the owner of the Shark’s Head product, is looking for a buyer of the Shark’s Head Intellectual Property.

  • The kit that covers your boat quite nicely

The “invisible” wireless monitoring and management system

Shark’s Head provides a modular infrastructure that can monitor the following parameters on a boat or similar environment like a motorhome (RV):

  • the air temperature, pressure and humidity
  • detect explosive gases
  • detect harmful levels of carbon monoxide
  • detect excess water in the bilge
  • detect how often the bilge pump is kicking in
  • detect if someone is on the boat

The central component of Shark’s Head gathers all the information, stores it in a database and displays it graphically and conveniently. It keeps track of the history, so you can easily check the temperature or air pressure swings throughout the day, weeks or even years. It also alarms the user if the level of explosive gases becomes dangerous. This can be a true life saver!

You can access and control everything through a web browser: on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC with any screen size you desire. This way, the system display can vary with your requirements. There is no internet access required when you’re on board, as Shark’s Head provides its own WIFI access point (AP). However, remote access is available as well, of course.

But there is more! In order to improve the safety and security we’ve released a detector for carbon monoxide gas as well as a module that can detect if someone is moving around on board. This “presence detector unit” can then also be used to turn on consumers like a night light. Again, safety is improved if you don’t stumble at night.

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