Shark’s Head press release, April 2022. 

Shark’s Head, the established developer of microcontroller solutions and Australian manufacturer of marine electronics equipment, is proud to announce the start of a field trial to use their wireless monitoring solution in a motorhome.

Motorhomes, or RVs, just like caravans but also remote cottages provide a very big market for the new Shark’s Head product suite. Even though the focus so far has been on boats, there are many Shark’s Head modules that are perfectly fit for land-based 12V systems:

The presence detector can be set up as an intrusion detection system with automatic alerting via SMS or email; the device controller can monitor the voltage of the starter or the house battery; it can also turn on a light or fan remotely; last not least the two gas detectors can save lifes by alerting to increased levels of carbon monoxide or flammable gases like butane or propane.