Graeme, lead software developer

Also known as “Mr. Zero-One-Infinity”

With more than 20 years of experience in software, programming and everything computer-related, Graeme has written the complete Shark’s Head software suite from scratch.

He’s tirelessly adding new and exciting features and squashes any bug that our customers can find.

Heinz, lead hardware developer

Also known as “A fountain of ideas”

As a qualified electrical engineer, he’s been working with electronics for more than 20 years. Ever since he bought his first boat, he wanted to improve the reliability of the many different devices that make up a modern vessel by monitoring them over long periods to identify possible failures as early as possible.

His motto is: “A stitch in time saves nine

Sabine, product advisor, EMEA

Sabine joined us with an extensive background covering different industries in Europe, from hospitality to information technology to medicine; she has seen it all.

As a product advisor she provides important feedback on what we can improve to make Shark’s Head an even better system.

Her motto is: “Better get it done today