Shark’s Head press release, July 2022. 

Shark’s Head, the established developer of microcontroller solutions and Australian manufacturer of marine electronics equipment, proudly announces the release of its new mobile web interface for smartphones and tablets. “The new interface was completely rewritten from scratch using a more powerful framework that scales so much better on smaller screens” explains Graeme Elsworthy, the lead developer. “We’re very chuffed that the user doesn’t have to pinch and zoom anymore but gets the maximum amount of information on whatever size screen he’s using at the time”.

Looking at historical data in a graphical format can reveal the performance of components like motors and batteries as well as planning upgrades and replacements. Most alternative solutions only provide the current data, like a snapshot of what’s happening now, or they sum up the Amp-hours or kWh over the last day, week or month. For a long-term analysis we provide history that spans the full lifetime of the device, allowing a proper comparison of all the batteries in the system.

On a different note, the global shortage of computer chips is now also affecting our supply chain. We’re taking back orders for items not in stock and were able to so far avoid any price increase this year. As this might change at any time, the sooner you order your next modules, the better.