Shark’s Head press release, November 2022. 

Shark’s Head, the established manufacturer of marine electronics equipment, is proud to announce the release of a GPS module with Geo-fencing capabilities. “It is heart-breaking to return to your mooring and see your boat is no longer there. Your boat, along with the culprits, have long since gone.” says Graeme Elsworthy, co-founder of Shark’s Head. “The GPS module’s Geo-fencing feature, combined with Shark’s Head Online, will tell you when your boat has strayed from where it should be, and allow you to track your boat’s position in real-time. It’s like ‘Find My Phone’ on steroids.”

The GPS module is a valuable addition to the Shark’s Head ecosystem, designed to ensure the safety of your boat and all those that reside within. 

It is noteworthy that this feature, like the rest of the user interface, is available in different languages that can be selected on the fly.