Shark’s Head press release, September 2022. 

Shark’s Head, the established developer of microcontroller solutions and Australian manufacturer of marine electronics equipment, is proud to announce a publicly accessible, fully functional, Shark’s Head system. “This showcases to our prospective customers the mobile and desktop interfaces at work, where being away from your boat no longer hinders your ability to easily monitor its environment,” says Heinz Zerbes, co-founder of Shark’s Head. “The ease of accessing your boat’s vitals gives you great peace of mind.”

The test drive is available at

The mobile interface is available within the page. A link is also provided to use the mobile interface directly on a phone or tablet, or the desktop interface when accessing from a laptop or desktop computer. No app required. Only a web browser.

The test drive also highlights the benefits of the Shark’s Head Online service. Access via the Internet is protected by the same level of security as, for example, home banking. This offers convenient access no matter where you are or what time it is. Combined with the Online service’s Email and SMS alerts, you have the confidence and assurance of learning of, and responding to, adverse issues as they happen.