Shark’s Head Press Release, December 2022

Shark’s Head equipment has far more uses than monitoring and managing a boat’s vitals. It has been successfully deployed in a wide range of situations, such as a fridge controller, a Sous-vide controller, a battery charge controller, and as a hydroponics watering system controller.

The secret to the additional range of functionality comes via an integrated programming language that has the power to monitor and control all Shark’s Head devices in ways beyond their standard, out-of-the-box, features.

The language, called Shrapnel, is available on all Shark’s Head systems via the desktop web interface.

Shrapnel is used by the Shark’s Head development team as a prototyping tool while developing new features, such as the night light and the Geo fence. There is a publically available version of Shrapnel, without Shark’s Head specifics, called Shale, at

Unlocking more functionality from your Shark’s Head system is as simple as learning a new programming language.