Improved smart bilge sensor with slosh detection; big discounts until EOY

Shark’s Head is proud to introduce their improved smart bilge sensor with slosh detection. “We were able to drastically improve the response time for the webpage showing the number of times and duration the bilge pump was on and the voltage in graphical format”, states Sabine Geuder, the product advisor in the EMEA region. “The sensor also avoids false positives caused by heeling or rolling of the vessel with a bilge water level well below the sensor threshold.”

Contrary to similar products, the smart bilge sensor measures and records the input voltage to the bilge pump float switch, allowing the user to detect possible issues before they cause a pump failure: due to corroded wiring or loose connectors the power might not get to the bilge pump when needed. Additionally, the system records the ambient bilge air temperature to allow data correlation at a later time or just to keep the user informed about the general temperature below the floorboards.

It is noteworthy that this smart sensor does not replace nor interfere with the existing float switch or bilge pump, instead it monitors their correct function and can notify the user 24/7 via SMS, email, an on-board buzzer or its web interface if a problem has been detected. This gives the owner the much desired peace of mind that his boat is not taking on water.

Sabine further suggested a special offer to promote the onboarding of new customers: “Winter is approaching fast in the northern hemisphere and people need an affordable yet reliable solution to keep an eye on their boat while they’re on shore. How about we are offering a 30% discount on all the hardware until the end of the calendar year? That would give everyone time to decide what they should get in time for the holidays!” The idea took hold and you can now use the offer code: 2021-30off to receive this discount while stocks last!