Shark’s Head press release, May 2021 

Shark’s Head celebrates the Australian “End of Fiscal Year”, EOFY

Two years ago, on 9 May 2019, our online shop processed the first online Paypal payment. For us, that is reason enough to celebrate the occasion, together with the EOFY here in Australia, by offering our customers a discount of 33%, in other words, we slash ⅓ of the price of our products for a limited time only and while stocks last.

All our modules are included in this offer: 

  • the temperature, pressure and humidity sensor, aka our “weather station”
  • the carbon monoxide sensor to notify the crew of exhaust fume gases
  • the explosive gases sensor to alarm the crew if there is a leak in the propane system
  • the presence detector module which can work as an intruder alert as well as a night light
  • the device controller, which can turn lights, fans, radios or any other 12V consumer on and off, up to its current rating which then also works as an intelligent fuse
  • our smart bilges sensor, which not only alerts the skipper if the bilge cannot cope with the water for some reason but also reports how often and for how long the bilge pump has been on. Therefore, an increase in bilge pump cycles is an early warning that a leak is getting more serious
  • and last but not least, the headquarter module (HQ). This is the heart of the system and provides the WIFI access point, web interface and hosts the database containing the historic sensor data for an in-depth analysis of all your electrical devices

It is possible to add as many modules of any type to an HQ, up to a maximum of 250 devices! Hence the user can have 20 temperature sensors spread all over the boat to keep an eye on things at all times. In terms of security, you could deploy 3 or 4 presence detectors in different areas of the boat, triggering an alarm as required or turn on a light at night to guide your guests to the nearest bathroom…

The possibilities are open to your imagination with our flexible and extensible wireless boat management system.