Remote access and alarming service


Annual subscription

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In order to access your vessel’s web interface from shore via the internet, this subscription service is required.

Remote access includes alarm notification via SMS or email. Up to 100 SMS per year are included in this annual subscription, additional SMS are billed separately at 15 cents/SMS. Email alerts and notifications are also included up to 1000 per year.

The price is quoted per year and the service can be canceled at any time for a refund of unused time.

In order to use this service, a working internet connection is required, usually via a 3G/LTE WIFI router on board. Our HQ can then be connected to it as a client device. The costs for the WIFI router, SIM card and subscription plan are not included in this service. The Shark’sHead remote access and alarming service typically uses 100 MB of data per month.




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