Weather station set


This set will provide you a weather station with unlimited graphical history.

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This combo is ideal to get started with SharksHead and will provide you with a weather station that offers more features than a lot of high-end solutions.

On top of the existing thermometer and barometer combo that most boats already have, this system will allow you to check the historical barometer readings, e.g. of the last hour, 6 hours or the last two days. That way an experienced seafarer can draw conclusions about the upcoming weather: is it stable or is a storm brewing?

It also provides you with the relative humidity in order to decide whether it’s time to turn on the fans or open some hatches.

We also actively assist you with an audible and visible alarm if the barometer drops too quickly!

You can view the historical data all the way back from when you first turned the system on. That way you can even see the seasonal temperature changes in a nice graphical form.

The kit contains:

  • 1 x HQ (Headquarters)
  • 1 x TPH (Temperature, pressure and humidity sensor)

This setup can be extended at any time. It provides a fully functional environment that can be accessed over WIFI while you’re on board. SharksHead provides its own WIFI access point or can be configured to use an existing router.


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