Carbon monoxide sensor module


This module will provide you with the gas sensor readings and a settable alarm.

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This smart module will provide you with a safety feature which can be a life saver: Detecting traces of CO gas as soon as possible will allow the crew to find the source and eliminate the threat early enough to prevent choking, nausea or even death.

There can be several of these modules installed in different areas of the boat: near the galley, in the bilge above the high water level, in the salon or the crew quarters.

You can view the historical data all the way back from when you first turned the system on. That way you can see the short and long-term changes in a nice graphical form.

What differentiates this sensor is that the user can modify the sensitivity before the notification or an alarm is being triggered by the system. False alarms are hence avoided.

To prevent abuse, only an authenticated user can modify these settings.

This package contains one CO (carbon monoxide gas) sensor module. You can add more modules now or at any later point in time.



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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 85 × 60 × 35 mm

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