Smart bilge sensor module


This module will provide you with a bilge counter, bilge pump voltage, bilge temperature and an alarm if the bilge water is very high or the pump runs too often.

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This module complements your existing bilge pump system by notifying or alarming you if the water is higher than it should get under normal circumstances.

However, it can do much more than that:

  • it reports a critical high water situation with a buzzer when you’re on board
  • it alarms you via SMS or Email no matter where you are, as long as the boat is connected to the Internet and you have some cell phone coverage
  • it counts how many times the bilge pump has turned and for how long. Unlike other bilge pump counters, you don’t need to reset this one ever, it always shows you the important numbers from which it is possible to detect an increase in pump cycles (because more water is coming in but the pump is still coping) or longer run times (possibly because the pump is or is getting clogged)
  • it shows the supply voltage to the bilge pump in a graphical format. This allows to detect a problem with the wiring or with the supply batteries
  • it shows the bilge temperature in a similar graph. This feature could be useful during long engine running times to get an idea of the situation in the bilge (and possibly the engine room, depending on your setup)

It is always possible to deploy many modules of the same type, e.g. if your bilge is split or on a catamaran or trimaran.

Every SharksHead deployment has to have one central controller (headquarter, HQ). Then you can add more than 200 modules to report to it in parallel and control them all from one web interface.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 85 × 60 × 35 mm

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